Ørgreen Limited Edition

 HIGH END HIGH TECH is a SS17 limited edition of unisex sunglasses
from Danish eyewear brand Ørgreen. 

Two round panto styles complementing each other in color as in shape.
Simultaneously erasing and enhancing differences and similarities. High end minimalist
through the timeless and universal shapes. 

High tech through the digitally inspired Colors and the titanium material,
known as a NASA favorite for spacecraft construction. 

 Pure and clean. Simple and strong. Sci-fi meets sophistication. 

Inspired by the interplay between a virtual and an analogue reality. Set in a futuristic
yet anachronistic universe on the elliptic edge of the real world, as we know it.

“In an altered universe on the edge of the world as we know it, human sensitivity lingers. As common values vanish, true beauty and the ability to see it becomes a treasured gift. Even in the darkness, light will find its way.”


HE1011 / HE1110

HT1110 / HT1011

“Enter the interplay of virtual and analogue realities where fantasy meets sophistication. In the elliptic space between future and past endless possibilities arise. No limits. No distinctions. No verity. Open your eyes and seize your own.” 


The style names HE1110, HE1011, HT1110, HT1011 underline the futuristic / analogue
duality as they’re inspired by binary codes. A numeral system utilized in the electronic
and technological world of tomorrow but invented in the 17th century,
back when computers were as illusionary as electrical sheep.